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Is uncertainty undermining your volunteer fundraising effort?

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16697171583_7c33584c4b_zOn a recent episode of NPR’s Marketplace, host Kai Ryssdal noted: “business hates uncertainty.”

Huh. You don’t say. You know who else hates uncertainty? Pretty much everyone.

Take, my kids for example. I think it’s a hoot when they ask “what’s for dinner?” and I say “well tonight, it’s SURPRISE dinner.”

As in surprise, there’s no dinner.

I think that’s hysterical. Those guys? Not so much.

Others hate uncertainty too: parents wondering when their teens will get home, teachers waiting for that late assignment, outdoor concert planners wondering what a 30% chance of precipitation might mean.

It means get an event tent, people.

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Knowing what to ask for takes some forethought

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A campaign volunteer once asked my advice on a call she was would be making on local executive. The sum total of what she knew about this person included: 1. She ran a family-owned business that was doing well, 2. She sat on the boards of several nonprofits (not ours), and 3. She was a young professional with elementary school-aged children.

Hmm, what was it I was going to talk to you about?
“What should I ask for?” my volunteer wanted to know. A good question, but premature. In the absence of a crystal ball, though, there are still a number of ways to find out what range of gift might be appropriate for an ask.

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