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Knowing what to ask for takes some forethought

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A campaign volunteer once asked my advice on a call she was would be making on local executive. The sum total of what she knew about this person included: 1. She ran a family-owned business that was doing well, 2. She sat on the boards of several nonprofits (not ours), and 3. She was a young professional with elementary school-aged children.

Hmm, what was it I was going to talk to you about?
“What should I ask for?” my volunteer wanted to know. A good question, but premature. In the absence of a crystal ball, though, there are still a number of ways to find out what range of gift might be appropriate for an ask.

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Prior to a major campaign, a comprehensive study can give you a leg up

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Often during the course of a campaign, an organization will redirect at least once. Changes in the economy, the leadership of the organization, or other factors will make such redirects necessary. Even so, campaigns can mitigate the damage this redirection can cause to a campaign by studying all the potential variables beforehand, and compensating for or addressing what it can. Wouldn’t it be nice to uncover any potentially damaging or embarrassing information prior to publicly embarking on such a long and difficult process?

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