box_developBoard/ Volunteer Fundraising Orientation and Individualized Fundraising Coaching – One of the most common frustrations for board members and volunteers is the lack of understanding of their role in fundraising. For staff, board members who aren’t actively engaged in fundraising is a major point of stress. We orient staff members and volunteers to the realities of fundraising in today’s economy – development trends, returns on investment – and guide each to develop his own fundraising action plan. Follow up calls provide individual coaching to put those plans into action.

The orientation preparation, session and follow up includes:

  • Consultation with staff and board leadership to identify goals of the group
  • A high energy training session for volunteers and staff
  • Individualized coaching to help board members develop personal fundraising action plans
  • Follow up with staff and board to facilitate ongoing action

“Let me say how very well received your workshop was. Board members volunteered their interaction with you was what they had been waiting for and that your presentation was excellent. I know the challenge of tailoring to a specific organization but after all, that is what fundraising is all about: creating the ask from the donor’s perspective.”
Donna-Marie, President, Boise WaterShed Exhibits

“I can’t tell you how much you helped me this morning! Most days I go through the work day hoping I’m doing what I should be, and prioritizing what should be prioritized.  Today’s meeting really helped me to clear the fog and sort of re-order where I’m at, and it also got me really excited to get this campaign rolling. It’s a steep learning curve for me, and I appreciate your input endlessly.”
Katie, Development Director, Semilla Nueva