box_developPre-Campaign Planning Study – Critical to the success of any major fundraising initiative, the pre-campaign planning study will gage your organizational readiness to engage in the most intense and rewarding methods of fundraising. Whether or not you feel your organization is ready for a campaign, careful planning and study will also give you a roadmap to follow – kick starting the donor research and cultivation processes and highlighting the path to success.

The pre-campaign planning study includes:

  • Consultation with staff and board leadership to outline the case for support
  • Development of case statement narrative and brochure design
  • Consultation to determine stakeholders and potential interviewees
  • Development of questionnaire to determine strength of case, strength of leadership, organizational reputation, philanthropic climate, giving potential, potential obstacles to a successful campaign
  • Confidential stakeholder interviews
  • Compilation of final report on interview results
  • Report and recommendation to board and key staff