Our goal is to be an instrument of positive change within our community and beyond.

To that end, we make recommendations to help our clients cultivate donors in an ethical manner. We hold the following as our code of ethics and standard of practice:

  • Our efforts are focused on raising the capacity of our clients, with the standpoint that it is in the best interest of the organization to build, cultivate and sustain their own relationships over time and maintain the ability to do so after our work has been completed. To that end, we provide the training and tools for staff and volunteers to solicit support.
  • We represent ourselves, our skills, experience, and limitations accurately and without embellishment.
  • We will not charge for initial consultations or interviews, or meetings that are necessary to establish the scope of work.
  • We work within the scope of a prearranged statement of work, mutually agreed upon by both parties. Any changes to said statement will also be mutually agreed upon.
  • We work for a mutually agreed upon fee, based upon an hourly rate depending upon the level and extent of professional services provided. We will never accept a commission nor percentage-based compensation in accordance with the standards of practice defined by the Association of Fund Raising Professionals and the American Association of Fundraising Counsel.
  • We guarantee the quality of our work and the scope of the services rendered. In the world of fundraising it is impossible to guarantee specific results. We pledge to keep our clients informed of current trends, community concerns, and strengths and/or weaknesses within the organization we feel will help or hinder the fundraising process.
  • We keep all client and donor information confidential.
  • We do not make promises on behalf of donors nor organizations, nor will we submit proposals for funding that we feel represent a poor fit between donor and client.
  • We believe it is in the best interest of the client to be open and honest about all fundraising transactions and practices. We will, when necessary, bring any questionable practices to the attention of our clients with recommendations or referrals that will help our client serve the community in the most ethical way possible. We will not mislead a donor or the public on behalf of any organization.
  • We will disclose any potential conflict of interest as soon as it is discovered, prior to entering into a formal arrangement, if possible.
  • We are committed to diversity and to treating others with respect and dignity.