box_conveyYour audience has so many sources of information. Writing copy that captivates is only part of the challenge; distribution is another important element. Our professionals offer brilliant content development, editing, social media and media relations expertise to maximize that audience and the impact of your message.

Services we can offer:

Grant proposals/Cases for support/Nonprofit copy development – There are more granting opportunities than most nonprofits can pursue. Let our team help you put together a case that will captivate

Social mediaIt isn’t just a trend, it’s a reality. A well-rounded communication plan needs to incorporate social media. We can help you develop a strategy to make the most of your limited resources, generate excitement and inform your constituents.

Media relations – Getting the attention of the news media requires more than just sending out a release. Let us help you develop a message that will pique the interest of editors and news directors, prepare you for media inquiries, and maximize your visibility.

Speech writing – If you’re planning an event with numerous speakers or an emcee, and you would like their comments to align with your objectives, a great deal of planning is required. We can work with your speakers to weave a consistent message and bring cohesiveness to your program.