The Case for Support

Fundraising is not the first step

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Markley, LLC | Fundraising Is Not the First StepI was pretty sure I was being pranked when I got the call.

“Do you guys do grants?”

No preamble. No Hello my name is such-and-such and I work with so-and-so. Nothing.

I answered in the affirmative. Yes, we work with organizations that need grant writing services.

“Do you charge for that? How much?”

I resisted the urge to respond with my best Dr. Evil impression: That would be one MILLION dollars.

The guy on the other end of the line wouldn’t be able to see my inverted pinkie pointing at the corner of my mouth, and might not get it. Instead, I told him I could put together a bid if I had a little more information. I asked him what organization he was with.

“I’m just with myself.” Read More

Tell me a story and I’m all yours

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storytime copyI was working once for a nonprofit that received United Way funding. Every year United Way would ask for stories about the impact their support had had on someone we served. Every year, I would go around to each of our program officers and other staff to collect these stories.

“Tell me a compelling story about what we do,” I’d ask.

What we did, as a Girl Scout Council, was help girls develop as leaders, gain confidence in themselves and give back to their communities. I loved our mission, and thought there would be dozens of inspiring tales that illustrated the importance in our fulfilling it.

But nearly every time I asked for stories, what I got were numbers. Read More