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Motivate your nonprofit board to fundraise like a boss #FiverFriday

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periscopeWhat is #FiverFriday? It’s a regular shot in the arm of fundraising advice to percolate in your little noggin as you enjoy your weekend. It’s quick and dirty tips for fundraising volunteers and professionals. It’s my new weekly Periscope broadcast that I’ll be sending out into the world.

And it’s also about time I updated this blog, so you’ll be getting some new content from my most recent installment every week (even if it’s not necessarily the day of the broadcast), which you can also catch on Youtube or on my Facebook page, or see it as it comes out, live on Twitter.

Last week, I scoped about a topic I get asked about a great deal. I’m asked about this so much, I come back to it again and again: What is the board role in fundraising? Not only do I get asked about how to get a board to fundraise, which is the topic for today, but why boards are necessary in fundraising, and even if they SHOULD be involved in fundraising.  Read More